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We take a large look at your hormones and many other things to develop a plan that focuses on symptom treatment in conjunction with reviewing lab values.

Using Evidence Based Practice from many peer reviewed medical journals we offer the ability to optimize your life. As we age our hormones decrease, and with that decrease we notice a LOT of changes. More noticeable changes are related to energy levels, mental focus, mood swings, decreased performance, diminished drive in the work place, decreased sex drive, and generally decreasing levels of enjoyment of life.

Our Services & Programs

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Botox Injections
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Hormone Replacement Therapy

We offer a wide range of hormone replacement therapies to combat a long list of symptoms including, fatigue, low libido, ED, and much more.

For refills, please text: 502-890-9945 with your name, shipping address, and medications to be filled.


On top of our hormone options, we also have cosmetic options including BOTOX, JuvEderm, and Kybella for men and women.

Recovery Therapies

We also have some of the best options for recovery, and rejuvenation such as our IR sauna, Cryotherapy, and Compression therapy

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2809 N. Hurstbourne Pkwy

Suite 109

Louisville, KY, 40223


Tel: 502-409-7405

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