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IV Nutrient Drips

IV Nutrient Therapy is a great way to deliver much needed nutrients to the body for a wide variety of purposes. Whether you're looking for some assistance recovering from a rough workout, a long night of partying, or just simply looking to replenish much needed nutrients to improve blood flow, skin quality, energy, or boost your immune function, we've got a lot of options to take care of you!

Why IV Route?

When it comes to not only hydration, but also, delivering nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, the IV route is more effective than traditional oral supplementation. Why? Because the body absorbs more of it, and it's delivered faster is the simple answer. IV vitamins and minerals don't travel to the stomach to dissolve and digest, which makes them readily available to the blood stream. This means there are typically faster results by the product being administered, on top of the added hydration that the body needs.

What are the Options?

When it comes to options regarding IV Hydration, Optimize U has teamed with some amazing Pharmacies to offer different medications, primarily vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, as well as a few other items that can help Optimize your recovery, your health, and how you feel overall!

  • Simply Saline - $99 - Promotes hydration by adding isotonic fluid to the bloodstream.

  • Simply Aminos - $99 - A blend of amino acids that can help improve recovery by transporting protein throughout the body.

  • B-Complex - $99 - A blend of B vitamins that help boost energy levels, and maintain essential bodily functions.

  • High C - $99 - A concentration of Vitamin C that can assist in Immune function, and is important for collagen production. It has also been shown to have a general antihistamine effect which can help with seasonal allergies.

  • Performance and Recovery - $115 - Our staple blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids that may help with improving performance, as well as improve recovery time.

  • Glutathione - $120 - This powerful antioxidant can help with reducing inflammation, help the body break down fat, and improve immune function.

  • The Executive - $135 - This special blend straight from the pharmacy is particularly concentrated to help promote mental clarity and focus.

  • Rise and Shine - $145 - Also considered to be the answer to hard nights of partying, is specially made to help fight off hang overs, and improve energy levels.

  • Natural Defense - $175 - This particular concentration was designed to help with recovery from airborne illnesses, such as the common cold.

  • Chelation Therapy - $180 - Improves blood flow and circulation, while also removing heavy metals from the blood stream.

  • Fountain of Youth - $225 - As the name suggests, this blend helps with skin, hair, and nail quality which leaves you feeling, and looking younger!

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