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Meet your Optimize U team


Dr. Paul Weinberger, DO

Chief Medical Director/Owner

“I am a board certified emergency medicine doctor. I love traveling, shopping, food, working out, and believe in hormone therapy as the foundation to optimizing my quality of life.”

Jessica Headshot.jpg

Jessica Matis, DNP, APRN

Medical Director/Owner

“My husband and I have both been tossed around the mainstream healthcare system. Walking into appointments with symptoms and being told our labs “were normal”, but feeling the opposite. We have brought this company to Louisville to help others who have been in the same situation. We believe both men and women should be treated by symptoms while using lab work as evidence to the treatment plan, not dictate the treatment plan.”


Dylan Martin, RN


“I’ve been on the receiving end of being told my labs were “normal” in and out of the VA. At an age most would consider young I had all the signs and symptoms of low testosterone. While there were places that would help me, they were also very expensive. At the end of nursing school I was offered the opportunity to help others in a similar situation, but at a much more affordable rate with the same attention to detail in regards to planning proper care.”

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